Fuel began working with 5 Pointz at the end of September in 2017. The clear aim outlined was to improve the retailers revenue from the affiliate channel and protect their cost per acquisition.

5 Pointz itself is a Premium Menswear retailer and specialise in highly sought after Sneaker Releases from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics and Karhu.

Fuel’s strategy for increasing revenue for 5 Pointz from the affiliate channel involved covering some key, basic points that 5 Pointz do not have the man power and time to carry out internally, as well as bringing some new prospects to the table.

During the first month of management Fuel were able to increase 5 Pointz communication with their affiliate base considerably. This is done through a mixture of affiliate wide newsletters and posts, highlighting brands on site and key offers running, as well as reaching out to key affiliates who are either performing very well or potential key affiliates that needed some extra communication to help kickstart their performance.

In the first month of full management, sales increased by 379.9% from the previous month.

From this strong footing, re-engaging with affiliates and highlighting the quality of products and offers available on site, Fuel were then able to look into recruiting new affiliates on site who can make a tangible contribution of traffic and sales. This work is ongoing and time consuming, but Fuel’s affiliate contact base made it a worthwhile venture.

Comparing sales figures from the first half of 2017 to same period in 2018, 5 Pointz are enjoying a 253% increase in sales.

“Since bringing Fuel on board to manage our affiliate marketing, we have seen a really positive increase in our profitability from this channel as well as an increase in the quality of our relationships with affiliates and our network. It has been a real and noticeable change and been a great benefit to the company.”

Sam Ball, E-Commerce Manager

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