Discount Golf Store engaged the services of Fuel’s Affiliate Department in May of 2018.

At this point, the program had been live for 6 months and was ticking along, however it needed some fresh impetus to drive some affiliate interest and engagement.

Operating in a hugely competitive market, Discount Golf Store embarked on running a series of incentives, as well as increasing their communication to affiliates and actively recruiting key partners to establish the brand in the affiliate channel.

The results have been great for Discount Golf Store.

“Since working with Fuel on our affiliate program from early 2018 we have more than doubled our performance in this space,” explains Discount Golf Store Owner Stephen Cole.

“We interact more and more with affiliates and Fuel manage this for us, freeing up more time internally to grow other areas of the business.”

Consistent month on month, as well as year on year, growth mean Discount Golf Store are really reaping the benefits of being part of the Affiliate Channel and Fuel Communications management of their program.

To find out more about Fuel Communications Affiliate Department and how it can help you grow your own online sales, please contact seve@fuel-communications.co.uk

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