Award Winning Plymouth Retailer Enters the Affiliate World With Instant Success

The iOutlet, a multiple award winning refurbished tech retailer from Plymouth, entered into the affiliate space in February this year after seeing superb growth in their websites sales throughout 2018.

With this strong foundation of sales coming in, the next logical step in their growth plan was to add an affiliate program and were delighted to launch this new venture with Fuel Communications managing things for them.

“After the success of adding Google Ads activity, when Seve suggested affiliate marketing as a new route for growth we were keen to look into this,” explained Liam James, company Director at The iOutlet.

“The process was completely handled by Fuel, liaising with us on key parts of the set up, meaning we were involved but did not need to spend much of our own time or resources getting things in place. The early results have also been extremely encouraging,” added Finance Director Matt Green.

The iOutlet, as with everything else they do, have hit the ground running after launching their program on Webgains and are already seeing affiliates adding over 10% to their online sales.

“We thought this would be the case, having researched similar retailers performance in the affiliate space,” explained Seve, our Head of Affiliate at Fuel. “However, you can’t be 100% sure until you get up and running. We have a superb relationship with The iOutlet and to be able to advise them to make this step and help them add even more revenue to their business has been great for everyone.”

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