Why Affiliate?

Whether you already have an affiliate program up and running or are looking to launch in the affiliate space, Fuel’s Affiliate Marketing Team offer a superb service that can manage all of your needs.




Want to grow your online sales but don’t know how? This is how affiliate marketing can help!

Access a channel that 81% of brands operate in. If you’re not in the affiliate space, you’re potentially losing sales to competitors who are.  Affiliate marketing now drives as many online orders as email marketing, 16% of all online orders.
How to get into affiliate?

If you are looking at entering the affiliate marketing space, selecting the right network for your brand, at the best price point, with access to the right affiliates is key to being successful. Fuel is here to help you make the best choices and guide you through that process, giving expert advice from a place of experience.

How to do it?

Great, you have an affiliate program…What now?

With thousands of affiliates to choose from who do you want to work with? How do you find them and how do you get them promoting your product? Fuel is here to make sure you are working with the most appropriate affiliates and communicating with them in the right ways.

Existing program?

Does your affiliate program tick along, without you really engaging in the space and without having the time to work out how to push your performance? Fuel are here to free up that time internally, but inject energy into your program to help you maximise activity and get your affiliate program contributing the 10-15% of online sales it has the potential to deliver.

Expanding program?

If you’ve been running a program but need some fresh ideas on how to drive it to the next level, be that growing existing performance, finding new affiliates to work with or expanding into new territories why not bring Fuel in to review your current activity and discuss how to reach those new levels with a team that is proven to grow programs.

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